Totem is the triger of the Totem Touch Transform. Each totem is usually shown on one Divino (with the exception of the combo divinos which has three totems, one on each head) and for one memeber of the Combo Ninos. Once a person touches their totem eveyone else who has a different totem will transform along with that person.

The totem can be a symbol that the character is the focus that episode though in Mariachi Loco, there are four totems of each four divinos so it's matches the four divinos.

Know TotemEdit

  • Paco (Toro/Bull)
  • Serio (Tigrillo/Tiger)
  • Pilar (Iguana/Iguana)
  • Azul (Aguila/Eagle)
  • Grinto (Mono/Monkey)
  • Bernie/Old Head (Dragonfly)
  • Leonardo (Lobo/Wolf)